I found working with Trang to be extremely beneficial both professionally and personally while at the same time very enjoyable. What really came across strongly in our coaching sessions was her insight and experience of dealing with the challenges I was facing which meant I was very confident in the strategies developed to overcome them. I couldn't recommend her highly enough as a coach.

C-Level Executive, Director, Group Executive Committee

Trang has an amazing ability to see the bigger picture, ask those deep, empowering questions, and dive directly into the heart of the matter. She has incredible intuition, and masterfully led me during our work together to a place of greater clarity and higher vision – both with respect to who I am as a person and who I am as a CEO.

Founder & CEO, Private Company

Trang does not indulge you. She provided the right balance of tough love and support to help me make the changes I needed in order to be a better and more effective professional. Sessions with Trang felt like working with a trusted colleague.

Partner, Private Equity

Trang was able to accurately pick the areas I needed to focus on to increase my personal and professional effectiveness. She was able to tailor her input to my personal situation which I found very helpful. She contributed to a step-change in my level of awareness and impact. She is thoughtful, a good listener, aware, and direct. I would recommend her highly.

Director, Private Equity

I really appreciated your honesty and integrity. You pushed me to make me improve. You did not tell me what I wanted to hear but instead you looked to unlock all my issues to make me a better manager. The sessions were though provoking, well constructed and had a clear goal.

Managing Director, Global Investment Bank

During our sessions Trang helped me see a broader range of perspectives, reflect on my decision making process and potentially include other possibilities to reach a more productive outcome on a team level. From the start, Trang perfectly married real work situations with my personal attributes leading to a much higher level of awarenness. This allowed me to effectively influence and collaborate with stakeholders at the executive level more effectively.

Managing Director, Global Investment Bank

Trang's coaching sessions were a valuable tool in my progression to the next career level

Managing Director, Global Private Bank

I invited Trang to speak to a group of female entrepreneurs at C. Hoare & Co. over breakfast. She was incredibly inspiring and engaging, and drew many interesting stories from the audience as well as sharing some of her own experiences along the way. Trang has a very clear and succinct style, is able to pose the right questions and has a thorough understanding of the challenges facing executives and owners of businesses at every stage.

Portfolio Manager, C. Hoare & Co

Working with Trang has been incredible. With each session, she gave me the insight and tools to break through internal barriers that have held me back. Not only has she helped me professionally, she has also increased my happiness personally. It has been a transformative experience.

Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

Thank you very much for the coaching. Discussing my thoughts with you was extremely helpful to understand the power of effective client relationship management and to find my own and authentic way of handling clients. I would be grateful if we could work together again in the future.

Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

Thanks so much for all the support and guidance you have given me through the partnership selection process. I am not able to do this without having you in the picture

Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

"Again, thank you very much for your help. I particularly appreciate your perception and ability to guide me, through a few thought provoking questions, to the answers I’ve been looking for. Your background and direct experience with some of the issues I’ve been encountering was also invaluable – from the start I could see that you understood where I was coming from. You’ve helped me reinvigorate my passion for my career"

Partner, Hong Kong, Magic Circle Firm

From the first day we spoke I found our discussion useful. As the sessions went on I learned more about myself and at times what I learned was eye-opening. You were a great listener. I was candid in my views but you did not judge me. Instead, you challenged me to see other perspectives.

Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

Working with Trang has helped me to become a more rounded professional. She used her own experiences and knowledge to assist me to enhance important people and teamwork skills, but allowed me to do so in my own way and in a manner that allowed me to retain my own personality. She listens to what I have to say and creates bespoke sessions based on issues I am facing, or specific areas I would like to work on.

Lawyer, Magic Circle Law Firm

Trang has helped me to identity and overcome my internal barriers. She has given me the tools to tackle the professional and personal challenges that I was facing. My mindset has really changed after working with her. She is an amazing coach I would highly recommend her.

Partner, Hong Kong, Magic Circle Firm

I know it's unbelievable but, against all the odds, I've been made Regional managing Partner of Europe! I really wanted to thank you – you supported and believed in me from day one.

Regional Managing partner Europe, Magic Circle Law Firm