Top leaders understand how their inner game impacts their outer game. They know that high performance is only obtainable by removing the personal interferences that distract them from achieving their full potential.

The most successful leaders are self-reflective. They are committed to continuous improvement on a personal level. They ask questions such as: “What is it that I am doing that’s not effective as it could be?” As a coach, Trang works with her clients to help them acquire the knowledge they are missing about themselves that can make a difference in their lives and in their performance. She also helps them reflect and talk through their strategies and challenges in a supportive way.

Coaching Areas

Trang works with a range of clients including: c-level executives at FTSE 100, founders and CEOs at companies backed by venture capital and private equity investments, managing directors at global investment banks, and partners at top tier private equity groups and law firms. She supports her clients in the following areas:

  • Enhancing Performance – Help leaders build high-performing teams and craft strategies that best engage their teams to deliver change and business results with pace, and consistency.
  • Transitioning to Senior Roles – Support leaders operating at or transitioning to positions of greater responsibility. Challenge them to be at their best more consistently, and highlight and remove interferences underlying leadership potential.
  • Increasing Personal Effectiveness – Develop leaders’ communication and interpersonal skills to be more impactful in the boardroom and with clients. Help them to develop their personal impact and brand and senior level engagement and presentation.
  • Leading Transformational Change – Assist executives in shaping a change vision and setting targets tied to business outcomes. Help them shift their behaviour to shape culture and become a model for change.

Engaged by:

  • Group C-Level Executive, PLC
  • Group C-Level Executive, Lloyd’s Co.
  • CEO, Portfolio Company, Professional Services
  • Managing Partner, US, Global Law Firm
  • Managing Partner, Japan, Global Law Firm
  • MD, Head of FIG EMEA, Investment Bank
  • MD, Head of Credit Research, Investment Bank
  • Partner, Capital Markets, Private Equity
  • MD, Leverage Credit, Private Equity
  • Director, Manufacturing & Industrials, Private Equity