High performing teams are essential to the success of today’s organisations. Great leaders are only as strong as the leadership teams supporting them. Leaders must have a team in place with a combined capability to execute on their business strategy.  

Trang works closely with senior leaders to gain an in-depth understanding of their vision, the underlying rationale, as well as their expectations of the leadership team. She helps them to explore the “why, what and how” of their teams. 

Trang is often engaged to work with leadership teams in several ways:

  • Develop a newly-established team under new leadership;
  • Realign a team that has lost its purpose and direction and is operating sub-optimally or dysfunctionally;
  • Support a team going through a transformational phase or looking to drive growth.

Trang’s recent work with leadership teams includes:

Department of International Trade: The Team helps businesses to export, drives inward and outward investment, negotiates market access and trade deals and champions free trade. The Team is operating in a dynamic and fluid political landscape. With Brexit at the forefront of that change, the Team is facing new demands and challenges driven by both external and internal factors. Trang was engaged in helping the Team to identify the behaviours that could derail them, as well as those behaviours that were needed to be successful. The Team’s goal was to become a high performing, supportive, and resilient Team to prepare them for Brexit in 2020.

Tokio Marine Kiln: The Team engaged Trang to help them become a successful and leading Lloyd’s and Company Market Insurer Team. The Team wanted to align their objectives to the corporate objectives of Collaboration and Ambition. Trang worked with the Team to explore what was working about their approach, energy and mindset. The Team had an opportunity to customise their “Dream Team” – defining and outlining the values and behaviours that were needed to become a leading team in their sector.

"Trang recently ran a very effective team building session – she really challenged our thinking, helped tease out concerns within the team and left us a far stronger, more coherent team. I would hugely recommend bringing her in to support any team."

Head of Team, Department for International Trade

"I thought the team building workshop went really well and the team got a lot out of it. We have made good progress since. We finished the away day on a high and that enthusiasm and energy was really evident when we were back in the office. In summary, good results so far but it's like anything, it takes a bit of persistence to get there."

Group Chief Actuary