"I found the time I spent working with Trang to be extraordinarily valuable. We met several times for two hours each time over an intense transitional and growth period in my career, and I intend to pursue routine check-in sessions with Trang for the long-term.

Trang provided excellent frameworks and incisive insights on topics ranging from my approach to leadership, to my presentational style, to my communication with internal and external stakeholders, and beyond – we went both broad and deep. The sessions resonated so significantly, that on days when we met, my wife and I would find our dinner conversation at least partially taken up with my sharing of some new piece I had gleaned from Trang…

I had previously thought of myself as reasonably introspective, and I try to be in-touch with what makes me tick, but Trang took my understanding of my own motives and drives to the next level – there were a number of “aha” moments while working with her.

I recommend her enthusiastically to any others interested in this line of development."


"I worked with Trang at a time when I was transitioning to a leadership role in my business following the departure of its long-term leader and founder. Her experience and strong intuition quickly allowed her to identify what I would need to change to be successful in my new role. Through clever questions and interesting exercises she pushed me to accept and understand these behavioural changes. Nine months on I feel I have made one of the biggest developmental leaps of my career. Working with Trang was challenging at times but it was also enjoyable as she has a warm personality and good sense of humour. I will definitely work further with her again in the future."