"Trang’s input and insights proved to be invaluable to me, helping me build on my strengths and overcome some of my weak points. Her insight was always astute and accurate and her skill as a coach meant she was able to hone in immediately on where the bigger issues lay when I would relate day-to-day incidents with her. Her intimate understanding of a banking environment, with its unique personalities and politics, meant she was able to relate easily to the context in which I operate and consequently, she was able to offer me pragmatic suggestions and solutions which worked. The sessions weren’t always comfortable as Trang challenged me and pushed me but they were always productive and very worthwhile. I feel she has given me the tools to take my career to the next level. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Anyone would be enormously privileged to have access to her wisdom and input."


"The journey has been a hugely positive one, I have gained an incredible amount from my sessions with Trang and walk away with a newfound clarity of direction and purpose and an understanding of what is required of me to be successful. Each session was insightful and focused and I always left with a definitive ‘so what’ to utilise in the work place. I learnt an awful lot about myself as a person and understood what I needed to change to succeed at a senior level. As my career evolves I would like to have an active and ongoing dialogue with Trang. Looking from the outside in I would say that it’s evident my experience was a very positive one."