As a female leader herself, Trang fully understands the challenges facing women as they rise through the ranks. During her extensive experience leading global teams for major investment banks, she too has experienced both conscious and unconscious bias that women frequently encounter throughout their careers.

It is only upon entering the workplace that certain obstacles to promotion for women become apparent. Effective communication and listening skills are valued highly in the client arena. However, it is also vital for women to build relationships within their firm, ensure that their voice is heard and be assertive when promoting their brand if they wish to further their careers.

Women can gain from Trang’s invaluable insight into leadership issues through a range of coaching options:

1-2-1 Executive Coaching

Trang has coached many high performing female leaders on a 1-2-1 basis, supporting them as they successfully achieve their next career goal. Here are just a few examples:

  • Mentored and coached a senior female partner to be more entrepreneurial and strategic with her career: developed her personal impact and brand, senior level engagement and presentation, and new ways of communicating and leading. She was appointed Managing Partner of Europe for a magic circle law firm.
  • Coached and advised the CEO of a portfolio company during the sale of her company to a private equity group: helped her to acquire the critical skills necessary to lead her company through transformational change and develop an effective leadership team that was committed to the vision, capable of implementing the strategy, and delivering results to the next stage of growth.
  • Coached a Managing Director in her transition to leading and managing a global business: developed her communication, influence and interpersonal skills and helped her shape a vision and set targets tied to business outcomes. Consequently, she was appointed Global Head of Equity Research for a global investment bank.

Group Coaching

Over the last five years, hundreds of women have benefited from Trang’s group coaching programme. Trang designed the programme specifically for companies looking to support their female employees as they advance through their careers. The programme is made up of six modules covering topics such as removing interference, developing strengths and building personal relationships.

Bespoke Programmes

Trang also develops bespoke programmes for her clients and recent ones have covered the following coaching areas:

  • Female Associates Development in the Law and Private Equity: helping firms retain their female talent through to the partnership process via a number of ways; supporting female associates early in their career, defining what success looks like for them and the work life balance they envisage for themselves and crafting a plan on how best to achieve those goals. Helping them develop the right skills and mindset to know that they will be able to succeed in their career.
  • New Female Managing Directors in Investment Bank: supporting and inspiring greater confidence and personal authority amongst female managing directors as they step up into senior roles and transition from being experts in their field to leading teams and managing business lines potentially outside of their expertise. Developing softer skills to improve their personal relationships and broaden their networks which will be invaluable in their new role. Creating a more strategic mindset to provide the necessary vision needed to lead their teams.
  • Women Leaders in Asset Management, Hedge Fund and Private Equity: helping women to be confident and assertive, and to ensure that their voice is heard. Developing their personal authority both within their company and externally amongst clients, investors and board directors. All the while helping women remain authentic to themselves, rather than adopting a male persona which can occur in a very male dominated environment.

"Trang is great; she keeps the group session focused and challenges our thinking at the right level. Given her very senior executive experience in investment banking and having led other people, she understands the context and challenges of our environment."

"The group sessions were super valuable and full of practical advice on a number of topics – I learnt a lot about my own self-limiting thoughts and behaviours, values and brand, as well as recognising it in others."

"I absolutely loved the group sessions. It was structured and very well balanced between practical application and theory. Trang is amazing and so clear, open, non-judgmental, thought provoking, caring and intuitive. She creates a safe space for us to discuss our issues and challenges us in the right way."

"I loved these group coaching sessions. Trang is a very energetic coach. The sessions were always very clear and insightful. Trang takes time to speak to and respond to each of us. The tools provided are very user-friendly and understandable, and with each session helped me to better understand myself."

"I loved these group coaching sessions. Being able to articulate my feelings and habits that I have felt for a long time and recognize how they work for and against me and how they can be rebalanced in a way that improves my working practices and consequently, my life."

"I would like to say a big thank you for the sessions over the last six months. I have got a huge amount out of them – they have not only been a good catalyst for self reflection / change, but have also had a real energising and motivating impact. I am really hoping to be able to build on the various themes and lessons over the coming months and years."